The Information Technology (IT) sector and AI have been growing at a rapid rate since the start of the information age. With more and more businesses relying on technology to operate, there is a greater need for individuals with multiple skills in this field; those who can develop, maintain and troubleshoot the necessary systems. Therefore, understanding the IT sector and its scope is fundamental to successfully entering into such a career.

There are multiple post jobs in IT sector: So during your course, you should be connected with your pass-out seniors.

Maximum freshers have no idea which field is good – Especially for BCA + MCA students who spend 6 years on their degree.

First, prepare OOPS concepts.

Some common career paths in the IT sector include:

Software Development: If you enjoy coding (web or mobile app etc …) and creating innovative software solutions, a career in software development might be the right fit for you.

Network Administration: For those who are interested in troubleshooting and maintaining computer networks, pursuing a career in IT network administration can be rewarding.

Cybersecurity: With the increasing importance of protecting stored data – digital assets, a career in cybersecurity offers excellent job prospects and job security.

Data Analysis or QA: If you have a knack for numbers and enjoy deriving insights from large datasets, pursuing a career in data analysis can be fulfilling. Software testing (QA) is a part of SDLC.

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